About Us

NewsAfrica is set up to serve the news and information needs of Africa and Africans in the Diaspora. It also provides news and intelligence o­n the continent to the international business community.

The project fills a vacuum that leaves Africa as the o­nly continent without an English continental weekly magazine or daily newspaper serving the needs of its people at home and abroad. The international media have tended to ignore the continent and its potentials in their coverage. When they do, the o­nly Africa they tend to present to the outside world is o­ne of famine, wars, poverty, crime and instability.

The enormous potentials of the continent are ignored. As a result, Africa has ended up with a negative image, which has contributed to its being shunned by international investors. Also, in a world in which the power of public opinion drives policy, Africa has no platform for presenting its viewpoint.

Moreover, Africans in the Diaspora do not have access to authoritative news and intelligence o­n developments in the continent. The mission is to have an African media group, of the same standard as the world's leading media, reporting Africa for Africans and the world. The social goal is to create a vehicle for the use of information as a resource for the development of the continent.

NewsAfrica, our flag project is a news publication - strong in politics, business and back of the book subjects like arts, sports, environment and women's affairs. With a strong editorial team and correspondents in almost all African capitals, America, Europe and Asia, we cover Africa from a complete perspective.