NewsAfrica is a monthly English language newsmagazine for Africa and Africans in diaspora. The publication has been created to fill a vacuum for a much needed world class English language newsmagazine, covering news and current affairs in Africa, for readers who have a genuine interest in the continent and its people in the diaspora. NewsAfrica establishes a forum for objective and intelligent reporting on a diverse and rapidly changing continent. It offers a high standard of articles on politics, economics, commerce, social issues, tourism and culture from a well-informed and authoritative editorial team. It covers all countries on the continent with equal rigor, regardless of their language orientation. It updates the world on developmental issues bordering on Africa.


NewsAfrica commands a diverse readership, which includes influential decision-makers and opinion leaders in all sectors worldwide, who tend to be committed readers. The magazine is aimed at the educated in the middle to high-income bracket of the population. It is read internationally by those who make decisions in and on Africa. These include:

  • Politicians and administrators in government.
  • Senior executives and administrators in international organizations such as the World Bank, the United Nations and its agencies etc.
  • Middle to top level executives and managers in commerce and industry.
  • Professionals, Academics and researchers.
  • Affluent members of the informed public with a high purchasing power who include conspicuous consumers of fashion items and luxury goods.
  • High Flyers who are frequent travellers on major airlines, and who stay in hotels Worldwide.
  • Trendsetters who purchase the latest computer peripherals, electronic and telecommunication equipment, motor vehicles etc.
  • The general public


It is the magazine for Africa - the vital link between advertisers globally and the African continent. It is the key medium to reach decision-makers in Africa who make up the bulk of the readership. NewsAfrica, builds a bridge for the first time between Africa and the Diaspora. This provides advertisers with an international market. It is the best medium through which serious organizations that want to achieve and maintain a firm position in Africa should advertise. Special Country and sector reports provide a good opportunity for Busineses and other organisations to advertise alongside editorials that are directly relevant to them. Sponsored features also provide a platform from which advertises can get their message read across the continent in new and existing markets. With its well-targeted audience worldwide, its high standard and the frequency of its publication, NewsAfrica is the publication to advertise in, if your audience is in Africa!

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